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Our Club is currently planning four community service projects…all of which will be done in small groups so we can observe all the proper protocols as outlined by the Jackson County Department of Health.  A pandemic isn’t going to stop Rotary!

Project #1 is to create gift boxes for children and teens who have been removed from their homes and are entering foster care. The boxes are filled with age- and gender-appropriate items to occup them while waiting at a Child Welfare office. You can learn more about the items included in the box here and if you can donate any, or if you’d like to help us assemble the boxes, please contact us.

For Project #2, we’re partnering with the Rogue Valley affiliate of Rebuilding Together whose mission is to reduce fall risks and allow seniors to remain in their homes rather than enter into residential care. Our job will be to meet with seniors and interview them about their perceived risk of falling and their concerns over that. We’ll do this while a contractor is making a physical inspection. Then, once a week, we’ll assemble kits of supplies for contractors to use to make the home safe.

Projects #3 and #4 are still on the drawing board but will be announced soon. These projects supplement the work we’re already doing through Rogue PowerPack where we provide food for school kids who don’t have sufficient food for the weekend, and various other community service projects.